Paper Streamers - Dark Green

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Do you want to create an impact at your event but the venue doesn’t allow confetti? Streamers are the answer!

Like our slowfall paper confetti, all of our paper (tissue) streamers are flame retardant and provide an awesome effect!

Paper streamers will fly through the air, unrolling as they go like colourful shooting stars. The vivid colours catch the light and shimmer as they whiz over your guests.

Easy to pick up once the event is over which provides a great alternative where confetti may not be allowed.

Colour: Dark Green
Material: Tissue Paper
Size: 10metres x 2.5cm streamer sleeves

Other colours include: 
Multicolour, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Black.

Flameproof and Colour Fast Paper - When fired from our cannons, they can fly over 20m, creating a stunning visual effect!