MAGICFX Powerdrop Set of 10 - Hire

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Kit of 10 w/ Safety Cables, Curtain Clamps, Cable and Hardware.

If you are looking for a kabuki drop for the perfect reveal, we have MagicFX PowerDrop systems for events, concerts and theatres avaiable for hire and purchase all across Australia! MagicFX PowerDrops are truss mountable, tidy, compact 'plug and play' units with the ability to hold up to 20kg to create an instantaneous and symmetrical drop of a backdrop, curtain, cloth or baloon net!


  • Plug and play backdrop drop (kabuki) system
  • Perfect for Banners, Backdrops and Balloon Nets 
  • Very strong, 20kgs capacity
  • Powercon in/out
  • Curtain Clips available
  • Reliable and High Quality

The Power Drop system has been specially developed for the controlled dropping of backdrops (cloths) from a truss system. The units are run on powerCON which allows for easy daisy chaining of units.

For a standard drop It is recommend to have one kabuki unit per metre of material for the best & most symmetrical drop. 

All hire kits come with desired length powercon cables and key switch push button 'drop' controller.

Freight can be arranged, delivered and picked up at events all across Australia.

⚠️ MAGICFX Powerdrop User Manual