Ultratec Pocket Console DMX

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The Pocket Console DMX is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic "hands-on" and "user-friendly" DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.

The Pocket Console® is the smallest and most "user-friendly" DMX control board ever made. Perfect for small productions, mobile installations, trade shows, flame machines, foggers, haunted houses... or anywhere else you may need DMX control of your gear.

Other DMX consoles may have "bells and whistles" you don't need. Why pay for features intended for large productions when you only need simple control? Why spend hours learning how to program a large console when you can use something that is "plug-and-play?" Need Bump Buttons? Most affordable boards on the market don't have them. The Pocket Console does!

  • Small, lightweight, portable and designed to be handheld
  • Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots)
  • Each FADER has an associated bump button
  • 512 dimmer addresses are patchable to any of the eight faders
  • Powered by a 9v battery or by a 120v AC power supply
  • Faders are patchable using from 0 to 512 dimmer addresses per fader


    Pocket Console DMX User Manual