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Atmospheric, smoke and fog effects can be produced in various ways and in various intensities. From the smallest wisp of smoke for models and props to, stages covered with a blanket cloud of low lying smoke to fogging out forests for films we have the expertise and equipment to help.

Smoke effects are used in a wide range of applications such as product launches, event reveals, bridal dances & theatrical shows. Whatever effect you may need or trying to create, we are here to help and provide professional assistance.

Atmospheric, Smoke and Fog effects have long been used to maximize and accentuate the effect of lighting effects, as most modern lighting effects rely on beams of light moving around. This effect is hugely enriched when the light hits the smoke or haze particles, making the beams more pronounced and visible.  Whether you're looking for the smallest wisp of smoke, or need to cover an entire arena stage with low smoke, need to fog out a snow covered forest for a feature film, we have the expertise and the equipment to do the job.

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