Sparkular Fall

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The Sparkular Fall uses the same Sparkular technology to create a new silver waterfall effect. The truss mounted system saves time flying a separate bar for pyrotechnics around lighting fixtures, due to its cool non pyrotechnic composition they can sit in between lighting fixtures in your venue for quick simple rigging. 

The Sparkular fall can be controlled via DMX or from the dedicated Sparkular Controller for both your pro Sparkular system and the falls seamlessly. 

We love the Sparkular fall as they are a safe, low smoke waterfall alternative.



  • Fall / Drop - 2 m-7 m
  • Up to 10 minutes of shoot time per packet of refill.
  • Easy set up multiple locations
  • Adaptable Truss Size 40-60 mm



  • Size: 19.6 x 20.8 x 19.2cm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Spark direction: Downward
  • Power: 500W
  • Consumption: Sparkular Powder 200g