ForceFX Airshot Duo Confetti Cannon

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Made in the UK, the Airshot Duo is a professional electric confetti launching system designed for use on stage, in clubs or on any event you need a hit of confetti. The Airshot Duo can be rigged on stage with a base plate or rigged from a truss with ease. Where this system is different from conventional electric cannon launchers is the flexibility to angle each head individually from one compact unit, enabling you to fire multiple cannons from a single Airshot Duo head.  

The Airshot Duo fires pre-filled single use electric confetti or streamer cartridges, this system offers both flexibility and the fast cartridge replacement, making it ideal for multi-shot use during a single event and perfect for installation in night clubs where technical staff are not always on-site. 

Each disposable electric confetti cannon cartridge contains a pressurised nitrogen charge for a powerful and professional effect. These are available with confetti or streamers in varying sizes materials and colours to suit your needs.

Airshot Duo Specifications:

  • Size (LxWxH) 140x290x190mm
  • Weight (KG) 4.1
  • Power 220-250VAC 50-60Hz
  • Consumption Electric Confetti or Streamer Cannons
  • Warranty 3 YEARS !