ForceFx Cryo Jet II Co2 Jet

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CO2 Jets are an effect that everyone loves, on stage, at a festival, in a club, or simply to cool down a great night. They simply are one of the most spectacular effects money can buy. We understand just how important it is to get the right CO2 equipment, so we now supply CO2 Jets from ForceFX which we believe, dollar for dollar, to be the best on the market.

Equally at home on stage, at corporate events or in night clubs and music venues, our Cryo Jet II Co2 Jets are electronically operated units which create large cryogenic fog plumes up to 8m in distance & more in humid conditions perfect for summer festivals and clubs.

Designed by show professionals to be robust enough to cope with both long term installations and touring, yet compact enough to be sited in the tightest of spaces, we're sure that the Cryo Jet II is everything that you're looking for in a fixed head Co2 Jet.


  • British made from UK and European sourced components.
  • Full-Flow 10mm (3/8) Solenoid valves for maximum performance.
  • Low profile compact casing with full matt black low reflection finish.
  • Chamfered baseplate for easy truss mounting.
  • Neutrik Powercon or TrueOne Connectors for secure cabling.
  • Low Power Consumption 230v coil (with 110v and 24v versions to order).
  • 50mm fast discharge nozzle as standard.
  • 3 Year warranty with complimentary 1st Year next working day advance replacement.

Versatile and safe Cryo Jet II Co2 Jets are a great effect in their own right They can be mounted on any flat surface or secured to a lighting truss or upright. With specially designed base plates drilled to accept standard half couplers and with chamfered base plate corners for easy truss mounting and an outlet Nozzle that can move through 360°, wherever you mount your Cryo Jet, you can create a Co2 plume at any angle you need across your stage, set or club room.

Co2 effects can also be used to rapidly cool an area such as a dance floor. Especially useful for large dance events and small clubs alike, they are a great way to keep your audience cool.

If you are a touring or installation company, you'll love the pricing on our new ForceFX CO2 Jets. They are built to take the punishment of touring and carry a two year advance replacement warranty. The best in the industry.

Deals are available on kits, two or four head, which are fantastic for club installs or bands looking something a little different that is also highly portable. Just call us to have a chat about what these jets could do for your events.


  • Weight : 2.6 kg
  • Voltage : 230 V
  • Power : 20 W
  • Service : 230V on/off or DMX by using a switch pack
  • Consumption/Capacity : CO2 gas (liquid with a dip-pipe)
  • Output : (depending on the hummidity) approx. 8 m
  • Guarantee : 3 years