MAGICFX - CO2 Combiner (2 bottles - 1 device)

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Specially designed to be light and compact, MagicFX Co2 cylinder connectors are made to the highest standards and offer the maximum possible throughput of Liquid Co2, so they are ideal for use with both Co2 Jets and Confetti Blasters. 

CO2 Cylinder to Hose Quick Connectors connects the high-pressure hose of your CO2 effect with the CO2 bottle. All components of Magic FX CO2 effects are designed in such a way that they allow for a quick, direct and safe connection. If you work with CO2 effects regularly, you can't do without this connector.

Manufactured from Solid brass and plated with a matt chrome finish, the straight knurl makes them easy to grip so you almost never need to use a spanner.

These high quality connectors will fit all Australian, UK and European type Co2 Cylinders.

For shows and tours arriving from the USA, we can also supply adaptors to 3/8 NPT on request. Please contact us for more information.