Ultratec Quick Shot Launcher

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A professional hand held confetti cannon which are reusable. The Handheld Shots are provided with a handheld firing mechanism. Easily fill the pipe with confetti and / or streamers, screw in a CO2 cartridge and pull the string which is attached to the firing mechanism. These handheld launchers are affordable and easy to use over and over again, easy to operate and a great effect!

The Quick Shot is a simple but very effective launcher for Streamers and Pro Fetti. Using a 16-gram CO2 Cartridge, you are able to launch these products to a height of 50´ (15 meters). It is equipped with a simple manual triggering mechanism allowing the user greater control of the effect. The Quick Shot does NOT require a lifting cup or back pressure cap. You will find this product to be very effective and affordable while maintaining quality.