Sparkular 6 Pack w/ Bonus Control + Roadcase!

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/ Purchase 6 Pack of Sparkular Mini's and receive a BONUS Control + Roadcase! 

/ Sparkular Mini 6 Pack Includes the following:

    The Sparkular FX system produces a fantastic, non-hazardous gerb effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks or jet burst pyrotechnics.

    ​The effect is simply created using a Sparkular machine and a special granulated alloy, removing the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques. The duration and height of the effect can be varied throughout a display, with sequences of 'dancing' sparks created to entertain audiences.
    The Sparkular system operates at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines are also very smart and have multiple built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at anytime, and the system is keycard locked so the machine cannot be abused in any manner. You now can control the time, height, volume this has never been achieved from a machine ever. This is beginning of a new technology to the world of stage of effects.

    • ​No hazardous materials to transport or store on site.
    • Much safer than using traditional pyrotechnics.
    • No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the units produce cold fallout which is perfectly safe (the audience can pass their hands through the effect without any concern).
    • Can be used in locations where fireworks and pyrotechnics are not permitted.
    • Up to 15 minutes of effect can be produced from just one powder refill (equivalent to 1800 x 0.5 second pyrotechnic gerbs). This makes the system far more cost-effective.
    • Low smoke output.
    • Rigging time and crew requirement is dramatically reduced when compared to traditional pyrotechnics, again, making them far more cost-effective.
    • Variable duration and height of the effects is achievable.
    • The system is ideal for permanent installations or multiple date productions as they remove the need for re-loading.
    • Remote control via DMX or the available dedicated Host controllers

    / FEATURES - Sparkular Mini

    • Up to 4 minutes of shoot time per powder packet
    • No smell from pyro
    • Easy set up multiple locations
    • Height - adjustable from 1 - 3 meters
    • Indoor  /  Outdoor usage

    / SPECIFICATIONS - Sparkular Mini

    • Effect height: Up to 3 meters
    • Size: 16.8x18x22.8 cm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
    • Spark direction: Vertical
    • Power: 300W
    • Consumption: Sparkular Mini Powder 50g